Laser Treatments

LaseMD Ultra

LaseMD Ultra is a thulium laser providing non-ablative CO2 resurfacing and collagen building with limited social downtime. Improve skin texture and firmness, reduce hyperpigmentation and melasma, dehydrate acne lesions, and effectively address benign skin lesions with LaseMD Ultra. LaseMD Ultra is suitable for all skin types and is recommended in a series of 3 monthly treatments (some skin types and concerns may require more treatments). Consultation required.

Clarity 2

Clarity 2 offers multiple laser wavelengths allowing treatment safety for all skin types. Laser hair removal, reduction of broken capillaries and skin brightening treatments are available. Consultation required.

Treatment Options

Hair Restoration Series

Advanced treatments combining laser and topical growth factor serum rejuvenates and revitalizes the scalp while promoting stronger, thicker and fuller hair. A series of 6 treatments scheduled every 4 to 6 weeks, and use of topical serums at home is recommended. Results are noticeable in as few as 2 treatments and improvement continues over 6 to 9 months. This series is ideal for treating androgenetic alopecia, telogen effluvium, and other hair conditions or types of hair loss (post-childbirth hair loss, stress-induced hair loss, or thinning hair resulting from thyroid issues in physician-managed thyroid conditions).

Resurfacing Series for Face, Neck and Décolleté

Rebuild glowing, healthy skin with non-ablative fractionated laser treatments. Microsized thermal channels are created in the skin allowing an increased permeability for ingredient absorption and rapid generation of new tissue. Three to six treatments scheduled 4 to 6 weeks apart are recommended for optimal results. Face, Neck and Décolleté are the most requested treatment areas but other areas of the body may be treated.

Acne Reduction Series

Once weekly non-ablative fractionated laser treatments target and dehydrate active acne lesions on the skin and painful cystic nodules under the skin. Four treatments over 30 days are recommended.

Benign Pigmented Lesion Reduction Series

Reduce or remove actinic keratosis, seborrheic keratosis, and other benign pigmented lesions in as few as two treatments.

Ultra Glo (single, non-series treatment)

A mild non-ablative fractionated laser treatment to achieve a beautiful glow for special occasions or to boost results from series treatments. Recommended 3 to 5 days prior to special occasions.

Laser Hair Removal

Eradicate unwanted hair with laser hair removal. Our Clarity 2 laser targets pigment in the hair and delivers energy to the follicles to inhibit hair growth. Most individuals respond well to treatment unless natural hair color is white or light blonde. A laser hair removal treatment series consists of 6-8 treatments scheduled 4 to 6 weeks apart.

Vascular Reduction Series / Rosacea Flushing Series

Reduce or remove broken capillaries on the face and body, and resolve the red flushing of rosacea with quick, painless laser treatments. Results can be seen in one treatment. Occasionally, additional treatments are required 6-12 weeks after initial treatment.

IntelliSmooth Skin Rejuvenation

Mild stimulation of collagen, immediate skin plumping, and brightening of pigmented skin can be achieved in a series of treatments using thermal energy to increase skin temperature and activate the body’s own healing mechanisms. Ideal for all skin types and recommended in a series of 3 treatments scheduled 3 to 4 weeks apart.

Radio Frequency Microneedling Series

RF combined with microneedling continues to be “the gold standard” treatment for building collagen and improving skin texture for all skin types. Collagen continues to build for long term remodeling of the skin and results cumulatively improve long after treatment series are complete. Three treatments scheduled monthly are recommended. Single treatments scheduled every 3 to 6 months after a series will help maintain and continue to improve results.