Our Story

Sharon Lyda Rauh's vision began when she was a young girl of 10 as she observed her mother’s daily transformation from an ordinary housewife into an elegant, sophisticated woman. Sharon was fascinated with her mother’s sense of style. She felt in some way destined to carry on her mother’s desire and appreciation for artistic elegance.

Sharon's mother, Adriana, was born in Florence, Italy, the epicenter of classic art and beauty. Family ties in Italy gave Sharon many opportunities to travel abroad where she developed a keen awareness of the beautiful people who traversed the historic streets and byways of Europe .

Every face, be it young, old, male or female, became an art pallet to Sharon. Her modeling interest led to even more exposure to the world of fashion and beauty. As a buyer of designer clothing for a multi-state department store, she developed a versatile knowledge of design, quality and style. Although she enjoyed her work as a clothing buyer, her love of family and travel led her into a career as a flight attendant. Her career with American Airlines spanned over twenty years. During her service to the airline, Sharon observed the detrimental effect constant atmospheric change had on skin. When time permitted, she made it a priority to schedule skincare treatments in many of her favorite destinations including Paris, Rome, Munich and New York.

Sharon’s commitment to her skin helped her vision become even more clear—she wanted to focus on skin health and beauty. She earned a degree as a Registered Nurse while continuing to work as a flight attendant. Her nursing education enhanced her knowledge of skin, and its care, allowing the information gained from renowned skin care experts all around the globe to develop into her own approach to achieving and maintaining beautiful skin. Sharon’s friends and family were interested in her skin care regimen, always asking her to share her knowledge of the importance of healthy skin.

Sharon devoted hours of research to selecting medical grade products to use in her private skincare studio. Encore Aesthetics opened in 2016 as a small studio and has grown into a partnership with another medical aesthetician. Encore Aesthetics provides skin health and wellness through a combination of medical grade treatments and therapeutic massage.

Sharon has one son, Gianluca, an engineering graduate of UAB in Birmingham, Alabama. She is an avid animal lover and enjoys obedience training with her German Shepherd, Nick. She owns and enjoys quarter horses and miniature horses at her nearby farm.

As long as I can remember, I have been the daughter my Mom called "Pollyanna" for my prim and proper, stay clean approach to all the girl things. I saw the world through creative eyes, constantly doodling and prettying up my handwriting with this pen or that marker. Fast forward 28 years to having my own children.....BOYS! Wait....what? Boys aren't clean and they don't doodle! Surrounded by dinosaurs and toy trains, dirt and stink, I quickly adapted a "don't touch that" attitude into a "we can build it, yes we can" system. Every dilemma had a creative, but rarely perfect the first time, solution. This process of trial and error with stops along the way in business, retail, art and education brought me all the way to a love for my work in skincare.

I was raised in Scottsboro, AL and Huntsville, AL mostly by feisty, fun and fabulous women until venturing off to Auburn University for a BS in Education, and University of Houston for an Masters in Health and Business Administration. I lived in Texas for many years before returning to Huntsville in 2014. I had always wanted to work in the "spa" environment and decided it was the right time to get my license as an esthetician. I knew skincare would be a perfect mix of stay clean with just enough grime to keep my creative brain looking for answers and better ways to reach the goals of each client.

I opened Refinement Skincare in 2015 and began offering skincare treatments to many wonderful clients. As time went on, I found a desire to grow into the ability to offer more advanced treatments. Around the end of 2018, a rather fated phone call from a friend urging me to meet one of her colleagues who very much subscribed to the same approaches in skincare came my way. I met her colleague in January 2019 and I am now proud to say my approach to skincare is enhanced through partnership with my best "girlfriend in skincare", Sharon Rauh, RN, BSN. We thoroughly enjoy the work we do together in our happy place, Encore Aesthetics. I am incredibly humbled by the clients, many of whom are now friends, that have followed me from the early days at Refinement all the way to Encore without hesitation. The trust built with each of my clients is something I will always hold dear.

Outside the office, I enjoy painting furniture, researching natural health to create unusual solutions to common problems, and driving my boys crazy with all kinds of conspiracy theories.